Yalta Port

Mediterranean Cruise

Yalta is an extraordinary destination that is perfect for a cruising vacation. If you are looking for a little relaxation and pure enjoyment, the beaches along the Crimean coast of Yalta are ideal. If you wish to sightsee and gather insight into the history and culture of the Ukraine, there are few better places than Yalta. The museums are excellent, and the churches and cathedrals are great historical gems you will surely want to visit. The number of dining facilities and shopping areas in Yalta are limited, but those that do exist are top-notch. You are sure to discover some entrees that you have never heard of before, and after all, you are on vacation, so try something exotic and out of the ordinary. You might want to inquire about the ingredients in a particular meal that you are ordering, because those Ukrainians sure can get creative! Itís probably a good thing that you are staying on the cruise ship, because the accommodations and hotels in Yalta are second rate. Lucky for you, there is no need to rely on the local domiciles, so you are free to have a splendid time in this land of beauty.

Set against the Black Sea, Yalta was settled hundreds of years ago, and the region is, in fact, so old that we cannot pinpoint exactly when the first inhabitants of the land lived here. The modernization of Yalta began in the early 19th century, and the official town came into existence in 1883. In the last couple of decades, the region has seen a boost in tourism, and in the summertime, the beaches are incredible, which will no doubt lead to an increasing amount of visitors during this season. The most desirable spots to explore in Yalta are the Uchan Su Waterfall and the Fairy-Tale Meadow. These two areas are remarkable, and the scenery will have you in awe for days. If you are thinking of visiting the Ukraine, then definitely plan a trip to Yalta. If nothing else, you will have the opportunity to experience hiking and exploration along the coast that will provide you with fabulous swimming locations, spectacular shots of cliffs and mountains, and lovely golden-sand beaches.





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