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Venice is known as La Serenissima, or the Serene Republic. One look around the city will help you understand why. At first you may not recognize the absence of sound that fills your ears. But then it hits you - there are no cars here. As you walk down the middle of the street, you’ll marvel at the beauty around every street corner. It seems like the entire city has been lifted straight out of a painting. There is nowhere else in the world where earth and water exist together so freely, with neither element trying to assert its dominance. Couples from all over flock to the world’s most romantic city.

Of course, the secret is out, and the throngs of tourists do detract from the city’s pristine visage. During the summer, Piazza San Marco is teeming with people, so many in fact that it seems like the city will sink into the water that runs through it. In actuality, the city is sinking, at an average of five inches every twenty years. Unless something is done to keep Venice afloat, the city may join Atlantis at the bottom of the sea.

Because Venice’s fortunes are tied so closely to the sea, it must be noted that Venice loses some of its charm in the autumn months, when high tides flood some of the best parts of the city, including the city’s center, Piazza San Marco. On the hottest summer days, the water begins to smell, despite the city’s best efforts to keep its waterways clean. However, do not let these small inconveniences distract you from all of the good things Venice has to offer. This is the one location in the world where the city itself is the attraction. You can spend an entire day walking around and sitting outside, stopping for lunch or some gelato, and not step foot in a single “attraction.” You will still be enchanted, having experienced the most picturesque city in the world.

Private and organized excursions  to Venice and interland from Venice dock with pick-up and dropp-off at your ship, city and airport shuttle services at very competitive prices. Do not loose this occasion and contact us for any detail or information you need!





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