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TOUR 5 (3H)

1. The Vatican Museum with particular emphasis on

The Sistine Chapel, where the Cardinals are sealed during the Conclave before they elect the new Pope.

Michelangelo’s overwhelming frescoes: the ceiling (the creation of Adam) and the altar wall (the last judgment)

4. St. Peter’s Church

“Crossing the open expanse of St.Peter’s square he sensed Bernini’s sprawling
piazza having the exact effect the artist had been commissioned to create – that of humbling all those who entered”.
The largest Christian churc
h in the world, mother to all Catholic churches and also known as the “museum church”.
The Swiss guards The papal altar “the golden coffer surrounded by ninety-nine glowing oil lamps. It was said they would burn until the end of time.”
The baldachin (or canopy) covering the very tomb of St.Peter and hiding place of the anti-matter canister. The dome The obelisk The grand staircase.


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