The Colours of Rome Tour B1

Tour B1
Church of San Clemente and its Mithraeum 

Scala Santa (Holy Stairs)

Sancta Sanctorum 
Palazzo Massimo


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Church of San Clemente and its Mithraeum it is difficult to compare this basilica to other Roman churches,  however beautiful and artistically important they may be. Inside, the visitor takes a real trip through time visiting two basilicas: a lower and upper with four different structural levels dating from the 1rst to the 12th century A.D. On the lowest level of the lower Basilica there is the Mithraeum, a temple dedicated to Mirtra, an ancient Persian religion that was a rival with Christianity. In addition, inside the  upper church there are the splendid mosaics depicting the stories from the life of St. Catherine of Alexandria , frescoed by Masolino Scala Santa (Holy Stairs) a place of worship and prayer, it is beleived that Jesus Christ walked up these steps to Pilate's Praetorium before His passion. The frescoes on the walls constitute one of the best examples of late manierist Roman decoration, commissioned by Pope Sixtus V at the height of the Catholic Counter-Reformation (end of the 16th century)
Sancta Sanctorum the private chapel of the Popes inside the Lateran Palace and initial residence of the successors to St. Peter during the Middle Ages. This once again astonishes visitors with its graceful, refined furnishings and murals thanksto recent restoration
Palazzo Massimo this palace hosts a considerable part of the archaeological collection of the National Roman Museum and above all the paintings and mosaics of many villas and residences of the Imperial Age which graced the urban and extra-urban landscapes of Rome. Among these, stands out the decoration of the summer triclinium from the villa of Livia at Prima Porta. This was reconstructed following careful restoration work and transportation from its original site that was begun in the 1950's

Tour B1

Church of San Clemente
Scala Santa (Holy Stairs)
Sancta Sanctorum
Palazzo Massimo
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Tour B1 or B2 83.00 per person

Tour B (B1+B2+Lunch) 169.00 per person

Available on thursday and on saturday 

Pick-up time at 9.00 a.m. from centrally or nearby located hotels for the morning tour (B1) with dropp-off at the end of the tour Pick-up time at 2.00 p.m. from centrally or nearby located hotels for the afternoon tour (B2) with dropp-off at the end of the tour

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