Taormina Port

Mediterranean Cruise

Taormina is on Sicily’s eastern coast, overlooking the turquoise Ionian Sea. The beautiful town is built right into a cliff, and every year thousands of tourists descend upon the otherwise sleepy village to revel in the perfect weather and easygoing pace.

The town’s relaxed image belies a turbulent past, when Sicily passed through more hands than a hot potato. In succession, the Greeks, Romans, Vandals, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, and Bourbons have all controlled Sicily since it was first settled by the Phoenicians over two thousand years ago.

Looming ominously beyond Taormina’s fun loving landscape is Mt. Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano. Active may be an understatement, as the volcano erupted over sixty times in just six months in early 2000. Some of Mt. Etna’s eruptions have sent pillars of ash two miles into the sky, temporarily blocking the sun like a solar eclipse. A day trip to Mt. Etna’s base is always fascinating. It isn’t often that you get so close to nature’s sheer power. But remember to check with the local tourist office before heading too close.

The city of Taormina itself doesn’t spend too much time agonizing over Mt. Etna. It’s too busy enjoying its gorgeous beaches, its myriad of dining options, and its vibrant nightlife to notice. You will find it easy to let your cares drift away into the Ionian Sea, as you fall into Taormina’s seductive trance.





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