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The Cyclades Islands in Greece are a gorgeous collection of unique and empirically beautiful islands. The southernmost area in this island collection is Santorini. This is the island that most often adorns tourist brochures welcoming visitors with its fantastic landscape. Guests will tell you that photographs can hardly do this place justice. Famous for its caldera, the collection of cliffs bordering the Aegean Sea that in ancient times was an active volcano, Santorini is the Cyclades’ most prized possession

Geologically, it is a spectacular sight. The western side of the island is stacked with homes of lucky locals that sit perched atop sharp cliffs thrusting toward the sea. The eastern side of the island is a tourist’s paradise, with calm beaches stretching as far as the eye can see.

With over a million tourists per year, Santorini is constantly packed. And the 7,000 residents of the island have made their home an inviting destination by opening shops, nightclubs and restaurants in abundance. By day, Santorini is a sparkling place of water and relaxation. At night, it comes alive as its tone is transformed from placid to party. Wine is the islands largest export, and the incredible selection undoubtedly adds to the festive atmosphere the island takes on after dark. Local taverns are packed with tourists who simply want to taste the flavors and sample Santorini’s finest.

Santorini has two main towns, Ia to the north and Fira in the center of the island. Both towns sit atop the caldera and are visible upon your arrival to the island. Fira, Santorini’s capital, is the livelier of the two towns. It is truly the embodiment of commercialism and trade, giving visitors plenty of opportunities to indulge themselves and their wallets. Ia is a tamer town, catering especially to visitors looking to slow down and enjoy the scenery. With a decidedly residential tone, Ia emphasizes the beauty of its land and invites visitors to unwind and take in the famous Ia sunset on any of its caldera’s peaks.





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