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Rhodes is one of the principal Dodecanese islands. The Dodecanese are the easternmost of the Greek islands, neighboring Asia Minor, and some of its most beautiful and diversified. Rhodes is the most traveled of the 12 Dodecanese, enticing tourists with its gorgeous land and fascinating history. It is also the largest Greek island, with 540 square miles of beautiful land. It is believed that Rhodes was once a part of nearby Turkey, as evidenced by the similarities in their terrains. A volcanic eruption separated the two.

Helios, the Sun god, is the signature god of Rhodes. This is perfectly fitting, as Rhodes enjoys an average of 300 or so days of blissful sunshine a year. Obviously, its sun-drenched environment is enough to draw visitors from all over the world, but it is Rhodes’ impeccably maintained terrain that charms them to come back over and over again. Rhodes has remained seemingly unspoiled by pollution and a growing population, and this is a testament to how much pride residents of Rhodes take in their home. Rhodes has a reputation for kindness that is unrivaled by other European destinations. It is not unusual here for strangers to engage in conversation, and the locals love to share their warmth and tradition with tourists. Hospitality is nearly a given, especially if you are new to the island.

From sleepy mountainous village areas to the vibrancy of Rhodes’ Old and New Towns, this island is a lovely display of rich earth and sparkling beaches crowned by an aura of history that links East to West with an indescribable magic.

Rhodes is a tourist’s dream. For that reason, it has earned itself the reputation of being the most crowded of the Dodecanese. If you are visiting Rhodes in late summer months like July and August, brace yourself for crowds. Reservations are recommended at most restaurants during those months, and some museums also offer reservations in addition to regular walk-in availability. But if you are fortunate enough to visit Rhodes during off-peak times such as October or November, you will be able to enjoy all of the beauty and festivities that the island has to offer without the lines and crowds. Either way, you are sure to take pleasure in the rich history and natural beauty that is Rhodes.





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