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Portofino is the destination of choice for many of Europe’s wealthiest tourists. Yachts are as common as cars, and pretty little villas have been built into the hills. The locals thumb their noses at the tourists who invade this sleepy Italian Riviera town every day, all the while earning their livelihood off the very same people whom they claim to despise. There is very little business in Portofino outside of tourism.

Portofino belonged to the Romans before being overtaken by the Republic of Genoa in 1229. Subsequently, the French, English, and Spanish controlled the town, before Portofino finally returned to Italian rule. The British are particularly taken with Portofino, as it has been a favorite destination for English travelers since the 19th Century.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton came here after their big budget film “Cleopatra” flopped, in part to replenish their battered self-images and reaffirm their movie-star status. The Splendido Hotel overlooks Portofino’s harbor, and is generally recognized as one of the finer hotels in all of Europe. Hemingway, Garbo, Gable, and Onassis are just some of the names that have graced the hotel’s guest list.

The instructions for a typical day in Portofino are simple. Start with a lazy stroll along the waterfront, followed by a nice lunch. If you have the energy, you might take a nature hike, but only after making reservations for dinner at one of the city’s chic dining spots. Breeze in for dinner, and have some gelato for dessert. Repeat every day forever, if you can afford it.





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