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Pisa lies along the Arno River, about six miles from the Ligurian Sea and an hour’s train ride from Florence. While Florence is more world-renowned than Pisa, it wasn’t always that way. During Medieval Times, Pisa was the most powerful city in all of Tuscany. Its power began to erode at about the same time as Florence began to flourish under the Medici family, and the city faded from power.

Of course, while the city may not be a world leader anymore, no one can deny that one of the most famous buildings in the entire world continues to bring visitors from all over to marvel at the perennially challenged Leaning Tower of Pisa. Designed by Bonnano Pisano in 1173, the building was already three stories high before it was discovered that the ground it was being built upon was soft clay, not solid stone. Construction ceased for a while, but eventually the listing building was completed. Tourists used to be able to climb the tower’s 274 steps, but it was deemed unsafe in 1990. Every year, the tower continues to lean more and more, and unless steps are taken to rectify the situation, the Leaning Tower may become the Fallen Tower.

Although the Leaning Tower overshadows everything in Pisa, there is more to see and do here. Pisa’s history is aching to be discovered, and a series of fine museums and galleries recall the city’s better days. So after you take your picture “holding up” the Leaning Tower of Pisa, be sure to stick around for a while and see what else the city has to offer.

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