Ancient Ostia

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Ancient Ostia

departure every tuesday and friday with pick-up at the hotel from 8 to 8.40 a.m. from 1rst of April to 31rst of October

Leaving Rome and following the cost road it takes about 30 mins to reach Ostia, the Roman city of the Imperial age whose Latin name "Ostium" means "Mouth of the river" reflecting its position along the Tiber river. Ostia was founded around the 42th century BC by King Anco Marzio and became the harbour of ROme around which throughout the following centuries, a fluorishing trade and business centre developed. Your visit to Ostia Antica itself starts at Via delle Tombe which leads to the Porta Romana one of the city's three gates. Then you will arrive at the Terme di Nettuno where you can admire the beautiful black and white mosaics representing Neptune and Amphitrite, the theatre built by Agrippa and the Forum. At the end of Via dei Dipinti, the Museo Ostiense displays some of the ancient sculptures and mosaics found among the ruins. 

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Availability of private tours on request in russian and japanese  too

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