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Olympia is one of the most historically important gems of The Northern Peloponnese. It is a gorgeous place teeming with lush olive trees, shaded orchards, wildflowers, and an aura of peaceful antiquity. The lavish greenery that juxtaposes the barren ruins will charm visitors to Olympia, which is separated into two areas: Ancient Olympia, and the modern day village that lies 15 miles north. It is in Ancient Olympia that the remains of the first Olympic Games are found. This is the main destination for tourists looking to delve into Olympia’s past and explore the art, sport, and culture that comprise the city’s rich history. The tiny village north of there is where taverns and shops can be found, allowing tourists to bring home souvenirs and enjoy delightful Greek food.

The Olympic games began in Ancient Olympia in 776 B.C. as a religious celebration in honor of Zeus, the most important Greek god. They took place in the Altis, the sanctuary dedicated to the worship of Zeus. At that time, spectators from all over Europe and Asia Minor came to see the five-day festival, which was held during the summer. Foreigners could watch and cheer, but for many years only those who spoke Greek were allowed to compete. And at the beginning, women were not allowed as spectators inside the arena by any means. They could travel to Olympia and partake in festivities happening nearby, but were punished with death if they attempted to watch the sporting events inside the Altis. The Games consisted of foot races, chariot races, jumping contests, boxing, and wrestling. Since then, the Olympics have been held every four years. Today, the site of this historical event’s beginning attracts millions of tourists annually.

Olympia is a living relic; a place where Greece’s distant past is preserved. Ancient Olympia allows modern day tourists a glimpse into the epitome of Greek mythology and sport, and does so in a refined and educational manner, with contemporary museums housing some of Greece’s earliest remains. Visitors will enjoy the combination of artistic and athletic history so stunningly displayed here.





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