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Naples can be an acquired taste. Italyís third largest city is sure to conjure up strong feelings. For some itís an admiration of the cityís authentic vibe, while for others itís a dislike for the economic disparity that exists here. Sophia Loren and Enrico Caruso are native Neapolitans, and the city is stubbornly proud of its image. One thing is certain; you will not leave Naples without an opinion.

Since late 1993, the city has sought to overcome its high crime rate by opening more museums and galleries, thereby attracting a cultured group of visitors and residents. The unconventional strategy is starting to pay off, as crime is down twenty-five percent. The resulting feeling of security has increased tourism by almost fifty percent. Naples feels like any other big city in the world, with no need to fear for your safety.

If Italy is the place to go for the best pizza and pasta in the world, and Naples is the best place to enjoy them in Italy, that would make Naples the pizza and pasta capital of the world, right? So bring your appetite!

If you have the time, try and take a side trip out to Pompeii, the ancient city buried by a volcanic eruption on nearby Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The opportunity to see a city frozen in time is rare, and well worth a visit.

Private excursions  to Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Capri from Naples dock with pick-up and dropp-off at your ship, city and airport shuttle services at very competitive prices. Do not loose this occasion and contact us for any detail or information you need!






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