Mykonos Port

Mediterranean Cruise

The Cyclades Islands in Greece are some of the most magnificent islands in the world. The startling contrast between bright white sands and sharp cliffs overlooking crystal blue waters offers visitors a dreamlike experience that is incomparable to anything even the most seasoned tourist has seen.

Mikonos is only 10 miles long, making it one of the smallest of the Cyclades. Visitors from other islands find Mikonos to be a lovely change of pace and atmosphere. Its dry, rough topography makes its radiant beaches all the more inviting, and its air is clean and warm. Mikonos has earned the reputation of being a cosmopolitan island that draws an enormous amount of tourists to its sandy beaches and hilly terrain. It is quite a dynamic place, attracting all types of travelers depending on the seasons. During the early summer months, it is a hot spot for party-seeking college students. But during the off-peak months, Mikonos transforms into a haven for sophisticated tourists, artists, and intellectuals seeking to vacation in the midst of beauty. It is also quite popular among Londoners and Parisians, as it is known for its chic style and accessibility. During her life, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis frequented the island and helped transform it into a decidedly socialite-heavy place. The same elegance and magic that once attracted Jackie O. remains today in the form of a beautifully cohesive landscape that suggests a reprieve from the harsh contrast of some of the other Cyclades’ terrain. Here you will find sweeping shores, warm air, charming houses and an aura of placidity.

The capital of Mikonos is Hora, a town of fishermen and boaters, where the invitation is to relax and enjoy the slower environment. Here you can spend an entire day reading on the beach. Or, perhaps you will want to window shop at seaside boutiques, stroll along the harbor, and sample Greek cuisine in any number of Hora’s restaurants and specialty stores. You could just set out with no destination at all and wind your way through the town’s delightfully narrow streets and explore. You will soon realize that in Hora, aimlessness is an acceptable and commendable form of leisure.

Whether you are looking for excitement or calm, you are sure to find it here, as Mikonos also boasts of an energetic social scene. Spend the day relaxing, then dance through the night. There is truly something for everyone here.





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