Murano Island

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In the United States , glass artisans are usually found at crafts shows or Renaissance fairs, blowing glass baubles for a few dollars each. But there was a time when the trade of glassblowing - indeed, glassmaking in general, was dominated by an elite group of craftsmen in the Venetian Republic, most notably on the island of Murano. It  still  is an exporter of traditional products like mirrors and glassware, and its factories produce modern items such as faucet handles, glass lampshades, and electric chandeliers. At the retail level, there's a growing emphasis on art glass and -most important of all- the souvenir trade. Here in Murano you can visit the Museo Vetrario located in the Palazzo Giustinian, the Church of Santa Maria e San Donato. Here in Murano you could also assist to a blowing glass demonstration.

Choose to visit the island by boat or water taxi!
If you wish you can also ask for a guided excursion

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