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Malaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol, is home to 550,000 residents and is a marvelous city for visiting and sightseeing. The weather in Malaga is fantastic, and the wide array of activities and interesting features will have you begging for more. No stay is too long in Malaga, and the diversity of the city is magnificent. The port area is comprised of ancient streets and gorgeous foliage, and at the center of the city is a mass of high-rises and government buildings.

The climate of Malaga is subtropical, and the region averages 324 days of sunshine every year. Talk about a prime vacation spot! About a decade ago, crime in Malaga reached an all-time high, as unemployment rates and drug use skyrocketed. Thanks to government programs and aid from nearby cities and countries, the area has improved greatly. Tourism has certainly benefited Malaga. The drug peddling that was occurring on the streets ten years ago has thankfully been virtually eliminated. However, like anywhere, it is still wise to be conscious of your surroundings at all times, and do not leave valuables lying around. As mentioned, taking such care should be the norm whenever traveling, no matter where you are.

The Plaza de Merced, cathedrals, and museums of Malaga make it a remarkable site for studying the history and culture of Spain. The coastline that borders the city is magnificent, and it creates a wonderful backdrop to the ancient land.





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