Who was Laurentia Goddess?


The Capitole has a very old history starting with Enea's one: a man who saved himself with his son and his father from Troia's War.
After the war they boarded and they arrived in the neighbourhood of Rome.
Once here Enea falled in love with Lavinia. He married her founding a city called Lavinio.
His son Ascanio founded a city called Albalonga situated in the vicinity of Colli Albani.
Later on, Ascanio had two sons: Amulio and Numitore.
Numitore after many years became king of Albalonga.
His brother Amulio jealous of him usurped the throne. He then imprisoned Numitore deciding to kill all his male nephews for avoiding that once growned-up they could succeed him to the throne.
Rea Silvia was spared and sent to a convent to become a vestal.
One day she falled asleep near a little lake and Marte God going through there to go to wage a war saw her and he falled in love. As a result of this love history were born two sons: Romolo and Remo.
Amulio, being afraid that the twins could take the throne away from him, gave the responsibility to a servant of kidnapping and leaving them in a basket along the flowing of Tevere.
Luckily the basket entangleded to a bush.
A prostitute called Acca Laurentia going through there saw the twins and feeded them.
This woman was nicknamed "The Wolf" considering her vulgar character and her work in brothels.
Acca Laurentia as soon as Romolo and Remo grew-up  told them all truth so they released their grand-father Numitore.
The twins decided to found a town by the Tiber river: just in that place where they were finded when children.
To decide who would have been the new town founder the twins competed, according some old etruscan customs, in being able to make out more birds as possible in a certain period of time. Romolo and Remo reached two different hills of Rome: the Palatine and the Aventine.
Romolo winned the competition because he was able to see 12 birds whereas Remo only 6. At this point Romolo founded the town tracing a circular furrow by a plow.
He also affirmed that no one would have never had to go beyond that boundary because would have been killed as invasor.
Remo jealous of his  brother decided to challenge him going beyond that limit.
Romolo mantained his promise: he ran him trough with a sword and decided to give to the new town the name of ROME.
It was on 21rst April 753 A.C.