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Genoa was once a major player in European politics. The Republic of Genoa called itself the “Republica Superba,” or Proud Republic. What’s ironic is that Genoa’s favorite son, Christopher Columbus, was born here, but it was in large part due to his discovery of alternate trade routes that his hometown’s influence and power began to dwindle.

Today, Genoa remains Italy’s main port city for commerce and industry. Many of the 820,000 residents of the city make their livelihood from the sea, mainly through shipping. But the Genovese economy has expanded, with bustling banking, electronics, and communications companies finding homes here.

Genoa has suffered in recent years, with little to attract an expanding Italian tourism business. Most travelers bypass Genoa in favor of Florence, Rome, and Venice, or just use Genoa as a transfer point for trips to the Italian or French Rivieras. The city’s efforts to hold a quincentennial celebration in honor of Columbus in 1992, complete with a face-lift of the harbor area, fell apart amid political infighting and delays. Today, crime and pollution are bigger problems here than in other Italian cities.

Nevertheless, there is plenty to see and do while in Genoa. The small streets twist and turn through the city, with lots of hidden restaurants and shops to delight the adventurous traveler.





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