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Florence was the birthplace of the European Renaissance in the 14th Century. By the time it ended, an entire continent had been ushered through the Dark Ages and into a vibrant world full of indescribable artistic beauty. The achievements of the Renaissance have been preserved and lovingly cared for by the city, and today a visit to Italy is not complete without paying homage to Florence.

The Medici family was largely responsible for the flourishing of Florence (Firenze in Italian). Through their leadership and patronage, artists like Botticelli and Michelangelo were encouraged to produce masterpieces like the Birth of Venus and David. Advancements in architecture, the likes of which hadn’t been seen before in Europe, led to the construction of the Duomo’s dome and Giotto’s bell tower.

But before you think that Florence is a city trapped in the past, know that it is a highly modernized Italian town, with most locals navigating the swamped city streets with cell phones in hand. They are sometimes exasperated by the influx of tourists, particularly in the summer, but they have come to accept tourism as a necessary evil that provides a healthy boom to the Florentine economy.

Florence has also emerged as one of the leading shopping and dining destinations in Italy, if not in all of Europe. While Milan and Rome best Florence in the sheer number of shops and restaurants, respectively, a case can be made for Florence’s quality, especially when it comes to Florentine leather and jewelry, or Tuscan wine.

A word about street addresses in Florence. Visitors are often confused because addresses seem to overlap. The city has designated that commercial enterprises be numbered in red, and all others in black. All addresses listed in this guide are in black unless otherwise noted. Be sure to purchase a map while in town to help you get around.

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