Eternal Rome

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Eternal Rome
     Villa Borghese, Castel Sant'Angelo, St. Peter's Basilica
*, Tiberina Island, Marcello Theater, Venice Square, Roman Forum, Coliseum *
*(not inside the Basilica when there are religious manifestations. The optional visit of Coliseum has an extra cost of euro 10 per pax)

departure every day with pick-up at the hotel from 8.00 a.mto 8.40 a.m.  every day excepting on 13rd of March including transportation by de luxe coach, guide and Miscellaneous

Rome is an unrepeatable city and is so-called Eternal for having alternated sumptuous ages with others of decadence and it is always reviving as it gathers treasures and memories with the charm of its incomparable landscape. Our tour will leave from Piazza San Bernardo, adorned by Mose's Fountain, heading to Piazza della Repubblica, previously known as "dell'Esedra" as its central area also called esedra of the Diocletian Baths is hidden now by the Fountain of Naiadi. We will continue towards via Piemonte, the Aurelian Walls, 
Porta Pinciana, Via Veneto, Via Nazionale. After this ample view of an important part of the city, the guided tour will lead you to the Trevi Fountain, a baroque jewel, and to the Pantheon, originally a pagan temple, which will be visited.  We will head to Palazzo Madama, seat of the Senate of the Republic, to finally get to the gorgeous Piazza Navona, built on the ruins of the Domitian's Circus. Then you will have the chance to admire Castel Sant'Angelo and to visit the
St. Peter's Basilica.

Eternal Rome & Vacanze Romane
                                              (with lunch)

Price per Person
*Possibility to visit inside the Colosseum paying an
extra cost of 10.00 euro

Price per Person
Euro  99.00 (Italian Lunch
including bruschetta, ravioli, fruit salad, ˝ lt. of water 
Euro   102.00 (
Japanese Lunch including  Sakizuke, kosai, tsukuri, yakimono, nimono, gohan, konomono, misoshiru, frutta,the


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