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Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean. Linking Asia, Africa, and Europe, it has served as a cultural crossroad and a place that boasts of 4,000 years of uninterrupted habitation. Its cities have been home to centuries of historic change both in its terrain and its people. Today Crete is a hedonist’s heaven. A proud exhibitor of archeological wonders, beautiful beaches, and gorgeous surroundings, visitors to Crete will find themselves encircled by luxury.

Inhabited since 6500 B.C., Crete’s Minoan history is evident in the archaeological remains that tourists still marvel at. The prehistoric Cretans’ art legacy, dating back to the Bronze Age, remains in museums and galleries throughout the island.

Crete’s four major cities are all distinct. Western Crete is home to Chania and Rethymnon, two cities that boast of having Crete’s loveliest beaches. The east begins with Iraklion, on the northern side of Crete. It is both the largest city and the capital of the island. Here you will find constant activity because most tourists arrive here first when they come to Crete. It is a place rich with history and archeological sites, including the Palace of Knossos. 135 miles east of Iraklion is Ayios Nikolaos, a popular resort town where visitors can enjoy shopping, dining, and at night, dancing at one of the many downtown nightclubs.

Crete is a tourist hub, and rightfully so. It combines natural wonders with plenty of industry to accommodate the tourist’s desires to shop, eat, relax, and learn all at once. Tourists will delight in the family-run taverns that supply the hungry visitor with meats like lamb and pork, and a host of specialty cheeses and wines. However, Crete’s landscape is probably its biggest asset. Its coastline has earned it the nickname “Big Blue.” Cretans enjoy the water that surrounds them, as do tourists. A favorite sport at most any beach is windsurfing, and rentals are normally available. Much of the terrain on Crete is rough, but this can also make for a nice challenge if you are a hiker, biker, or nature enthusiast. For those less physically inclined, Crete offers plenty of museums and unique activities that will allow you to take it easy and enjoy. Bird watching, for example, is common in Iraklion, where migratory birds fly en masse. Regardless of your interests, Crete is sure to inspire awe with its rich history and modern splendor.





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