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 Corfu is arguably the most beautiful of the Ionian Islands. It is set in the northern Ionian Sea at the entrance to the Adriatic. Today, the 100,000 citizens of Corfu offer their land to tourists at a high price, but anyone who has been to the island would argue that it is well worth it. Corfuís tremendous turquoise beaches tantalize, and the lovely landís allure leaves you wanting more. But if the sun-drenched landscape is not sufficient, the islandís rich history and reputation for hospitality are sure to please you. Because the land is somewhat divided, it is well equipped to please a wide range of tourists.

Within Corfu there are three entities, each of which attracts different types of people. Corfu, the island, is the place to be if the classic vacation elements are what you are looking for. The island is encircled by beaches and filled with delicious restaurants, resorts ranging in price from inexpensive (for students) to very expensive, and is home to a vigorous nightlife. Corfu town is a more sophisticated place where the emphasis falls on history as well as Greek, Italian and French culture. Corfuís mainland interior is a quieter, lesser-known haven of villages, vegetation, and agriculture. Most tourists, young people especially, opt for the excitement of Corfu Island, which boasts of having over one million visitors per year.

Corfu has inspired artists and historians alike. It is said to have been a favorite place of artists like Alfred Sisley and literary giants like Wilde and Goethe. Homerís Odysseus visited the island on his journey home, and marveled at its splendor. Shakespeareís The Tempest was inspired by Corfu. Even Napoleon was awed by the landís magnificence. And when you visit, you will quickly realize why so much brilliance has been born in and of Corfu. Its beaches are like no other, and its atmosphere of relaxation is instantly recognizable






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