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Cannes wasn’t always world famous. In the fifth century, a small community of monks found their way to the nearby Lerin Islands and established a monastery. For hundreds of years, fishermen and sailors were the only inhabitants of the small Riviera town. In the early 20th Century, Cannes was a place where French families came to get away from work for a while to enjoy the temperate weather and beautiful scenery. Then Hollywood heard about the place, and the rest is history. Today, if you asked an American to name two cities in France, you had better believe that most would respond “Paris and Cannes.” With fame comes notoriety, and the town has received its share of the latter. People who have been to the Cannes Film Festival complain about the inflated prices and the fact that the town seemingly sells its soul every year in late May.

Like the festival itself, these complaints are overblown. Cannes has retained its charm, and if you visit during any other time of the year you will be enchanted by this small beachside community built into the cliffs. 78,000 people call Cannes home, and they get to enjoy this beautiful city all year long. Plan your trip around the festival, and you’ll enjoy it, too.





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