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Coliseum also known as the Flavian amphitheaterafter its iniator Vespasian, first of the Flavian emperors who had it built in the 1rst century A.D.. It is the largest amphitheater on the ancient world. Fifty thousand spectators could be seated in the stands to watch the hunts (venationes) and the gladiator fights (ludi gladiatorii). It was only used until 15th century, but the mysterious and imposing fascination of the edifice has gone beyond the limits of history making it a legend.
Palatine Hill the ancient palatium, historical residence of the Caesars, from whose name is derived the use of the term "Palace" to indicate a seat of official power. Many historical events and attempts of preservation have altered the hill, which is today an extended archeological area, complex and imposing with its ruins of the edifices built by Domitian and rediscovered by archaeologists in the 20th century

Loggia Mattei this is a little Renaissance jewel, the work of Baldassarre Peruzzi and his pupils, set among the ancient imperial ruins of the Palace of Domitian on the Palatine Hill. Having survived the historical-archeological events which affected the hill in the 19th and 20th centuries, it has recently returned to its original splendour thanks to the restitution of several frescoed medallions, previously stored in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of New York


Antiquarium Museum here we find the history of the Palatine Hill as told through ritual objects and the decorations of the Imperial edifices that occupied the area from the time of Augustus to Late Antiquity. In addition there are protohistorical findings from the first villages and the shepherds huts that gives testimony to the legend the city's foundation by Romulus

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