Ancient Rome

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Route: Piazza Venezia, Via dei Fori Imperiali, Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, Piazza del Campidoglio, Tarpeian Rock, Santa Maria della Consolazione, Circus Maximus, Piazza della Bocca della Verità, Via del Velabro

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Piazza Venezia A road junction with a centuries-old history. The most ancient building is the Palace of Venice (XV century)ì, which is seat of the embassy of the Venetian Republic.
The monument to Victor Emmanuel stands out clear to celebrate the unity of Italy; here is the sepulchre of the Unknown Soldier. Having the square behind, the contrast with Via dei Fori Imperiali is powerful. It is the archeologicai heart of the city. On the left side of the street is the most renowned column in the world, and Trajan’s Market. On the right are the majestic remains of the Roman Forum: the senate Curia, the Via Sacra, the Arch of Septimius Severus.
Not to be missed is the Mamertino Prison where, according to tradition, the apostles Peter and Paul were kept as prisoners.The Colosseum rises majestically. 
The Flavian amphitheater il century A. Di, eter­nal symbol of Rome. Next to it is the imposing Arch of Constantine (IV century) On the Campidoglio, it is possible to ad-mire the Re­naissance square de-signed by Michelangelo.  From here, you can look at a suggestive panorama, particularly on the hill of the imperial power par excellence, that is, the Palatine.
From the Campidoglio, the notorious Tarpeian Rock, where the geese used to watch over the Romans’ sleep, slopes down towards Santa Maria della Consolazione; by walking along the Forum, you get to via di San Teodoro, with the church of the same name. In ancient times, this used to be the Horrea area, the public granary. The street gets in front of the Circus Maximus, of imperial age It has been a sugges­tive... set forfamous films (such as Ben Hur). Going towards the river, there is Santa Maria in Cosmedin  with the Bocca della Verità that — don’t be afraid — doesn’t reveal anything. It is just a classical-age manhole cover. On the opposite side there are two temples: the one is entitled to the Virile Fortune, whereas the other one is entitled to Hercules (the latter is wrong Iy called “TempIe of Vesta). In front of San Giorgio al Velabro is the Arch of Janus an access to the Forum Boarium (Cattle Fair), an ancient cattle market.


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